Stock Cinematography

The last few months have been a whirlwind into the world of stock cinematography.

Stocksy recently started offering stock video alongside their photography. As a videographer who is always looking for new ways to monetize the clips sitting on my hard drives, this was a great new challenge. To see the latest offerings, click here:


Gaining Experience as a Photographer

Gain experience to become the lead photographer

There are certain points to keep in mind before you take up wedding photography as a profession or a hobby. The most important point is that wedding is not solely about getting best pictures out of it but it is an event that is about the couple where people come to share their happiness and contribute to well wishes. You need to become part of the event where you should be taking pictures without causing trouble to any guest or the couple themselves. The best way to go about it is to go the venue well before the start of the event so you can familiarize yourself with all the good spots you can use to get best shots. This will reduce your stress by a lot as you will know where to go for a better shot and what angle will provide you more opportunities. For the best results, you should know your equipment thoroughly so you can use it optimally. Invest in the camera that pros use for their wedding photography because they have already tried their equipment and know what works best.

wedding photo

Experience is needed to carry out such tasks so it is better to work as a second photographer for some time till you know how everything works. Once you feel you are ready to take Wedding Photography as your profession, you can then go on to establish yourself as the lead photographer. Pros know their way about this kind of photography that can only happen through extensive experience and through dealing with all the issues that are associated with this job. When you are exposed to these issues, you will understand how to handle them by learning from the ones in the field so you a reference in the future when you deal with these situations on your own.

Entertaining On Your Wedding Day

How to entertain your guests on the wedding day?

To entertain on the wedding day in a special way, you should choose the best music. The music flavor can be exercised as per your whims and fancies. The music should be played during dinner, to kick off the dance, cake cutting, first dance and at various instances. The melodious and unique will leave great impact on guests so that they leave the wedding venue with great memories. Check out Adrian’s guide to a best man speech.

Planning for wedding

The Wedding planning should take place many months in advance so that you will be able to make the most of the money. All the tasks can be completed as per the plan and you will not forget any items. You should plan the following tasks three months before the wedding:

Food and flowers are affected as per the season. A welcome basket filled with cookies can be kept ready to meet out-of-town guests. After completing the first dress purchase, you should go for undergarments as well so that you can go for second fitting.

The order of the ceremony and reception should be finalized. The menu cards as well as programs should be printed and they should be kept ready for distribution. The menu cards can be printed at home so that you can cut down expenses. The rings should be purchased in advance so that there will be time for re-sizing and engraving. The event schedule should be sent to vendors so that they will have sufficient time to send feedback.

groom watch photo

Two months before wedding

You should get in touch with all the vendors once again so that you will ensure that the concerns of vendors are addressed properly. Vendors should be prepared to fulfill your requirements in the best possible way. The specific shots that are required to be captured on the big day should be discussed with the photographer as part of the Wedding planning.

There will be some locations and spots which will be very much appealing to you. You can walk through those sites so that they will be captured without fail. The playlist presented by the band should be reviewed. You should send invitations at least six to eight weeks before the ceremony. You can include a newspaper wedding announcement as per the terms and conditions of the newspaper. There will be great fun and excitement by spending a night with your girlfriends as it is counted as a maid of honor.

One month before the marriage, you should contact people who have not responded to your invitation. You can call them by phone so that the exact status will be known. You should apply for marriage license. If there is change in name, several copies should be obtained so that they can be used at various public offices.

Now, it is the time to prepare for the last-minute dress fitting. The bar should be stocked and the order should be placed as per the headcount. The makeup artists’ time should be confirmed. The hair stylist should be aware of your needs and you should fix the time. The vendors should be prepared to bring items as per the checklist and they should be presented as per the schedule.

Guiding drivers

The drivers of transport vehicles should be guided properly and it should be included in Wedding planning. You should take printouts of directions and they should be sent by email. When you present the information in advance, the chauffeurs will go through the route and they will be able to manage to the venue without any difficulty.

The seating arrangement should be planned in a very efficient way. The table shapes can be drawn on a paper so that you can produce beautiful layout. Pink sticky notes can be used to write the names of female guests and blue sticky notes can be to invite male guests. The bridesmaid’s gifts can be purchased and they can be handed over during the rehearsal dinner.

You can write down the vows (in necessary). The hair trimming and coloring can be accomplished as per your needs. The wedding-day tasks should be delegated so that there will be someone to assist you. A reliable person should be ready to help carry your things and to take stock of gifts. You should put tips in envelopes so that they can be handed over to vendors on the event day.

Tilt-Shift Photography


Out of 100 people in a room, at least 70 percent of the people are interested in photography. Such is the aura and the charismatic charm of photography. The only barrier that stands between the person and his desire to become a photographer is the cost associated with it. Yes, photography does come at a cost. Given, the hike in prices of a high-tech camera and the lenses associated with it, it can provide a massive setback to their dreams and desires. Having said that, photography is not always associated with high-end cameras and lenses. Even a petty smart-phone with a decent camera can serve the purpose, if the desire is high enough. Photography is an extremely vast subject. To cut it short, let us discuss about one of the many types of photography: Tilt-Shift Photography.

What is Tilt-Shift Photography?

Tilt-shift photography refers to the use of adjusting and moving the lens of a camera in order to capture the picture of the entire subject through a fixed position. It may also refer to the use of tilt of selective focus, mainly to capture a miniature scene. It is an extremely complex procedure and requires high skill for any photographer. Generally, professional photographers use this kind of photography to capture open landscapes, mainly to cover large areas in a single frame, and without joining separate snaps to make one. This type of photography can be classified into types; the rotation of the lens with respect to the image plane, called tilt and the movement of the lens parallel to the same image plane, called shift. This is how the name ‘tilt-shift’ comes into play.

To talk about further nuances of tilt-shift photography, let us dive into the basics of it.

Tilt is usually used to control the Plane of Focus (PoF), which is used to control the sharpness of the concerned image, whereas Shift is used to position the objects in the image at a particular alignment, without changing the position of the photographer or the camera. This is particularly effective when filming tall skyscraper and removing the convergence of the parallel lines, since every building is not at the same height.

tilt shift photo

Photo Credit

What do you need?

Talking about cameras, any small and moderate camera will be a fit for the tilt-photography. The most important part, however, lies in choosing the perfect lenses. Canon is one of the most leading camera brands that offers high end tilt and shit lenses. The TS-E 17 mm and the TS-E 24 mm are your best bets for tilt and shift lenses. Their aperture is exquisite, offering f/4 and f/3.5L. Other decent camera brands, having tilt-shift lenses are Hartblei, Hasselblad, Minolta and Nikon. The TS-PC Hartblei, the HCD 28 mm of Hasselblad and the Nikkor 24 mm are some of the other decent lenses, providing with decent tilt-shift photographs.

Apart from the types of lenses, one needs excellent shape control. The aperture, though, taken care of by the lenses, one photographer still needs enough skills and control to master the tilt-shift photography, and if you pull this one off, expect high applause from the audience. 

Current Photography Trends

What are the current photography trends?

horseshoe bend photo

Even though photography is based on scientific principles, and a big part of it can be explained on the basis of science – there still is a huge part of this field that remains in the field of art. That’s right, you may work out the best camera angles using sophisticated mathematic formulas, or you may create the best image capturing device by using the latest technological advancement… but the fact of the matter is that the core of photography is artistic at its heart.

This is inherently liberating, because it means that even a person with no prior knowledge of the science behind photography, and without a modern top-level high quality camera at hand, can capture the beauty of life better than anyone else equipped with the best camera and college based knowledge of photography. And this coincidentally is the core reason why photography offers an ungraspable charm, something that cannot be truly explained by words alone.

This also means that there will be certain trends in the field of photography. You must know by now if you live anywhere in the western world, that the taste of fashion is ephemeral to say the least. This means that whatever style of clothing is popular today, may just as easily be considered as junk clothes tomorrow. Well, the same goes for photography. You may think that a trend that’s popular today in the field of photography will remain popular forever, but this isn’t the case.

joshua tree photo

The hottest 2016 photography trends

  1. The flash is back in business. Many people felt that the camera flash that was used when there was no lightning in the place where the photo was about to be taken, was unnecessary and that it ruined the photos. So, there came up a trend that was fixated on natural lightning, and the flash was branded as a destroyer of photos. But there’s a complete turnaround in this trend nowadays – the flash is coming back online. Many people now feel that the flash light helps to capture the moment in its true glory, giving the chance to even the smallest details to come into full view – and that this is a good thing. So, you should be aware of the appearance of many new photos taken with the flash option of the camera.
  2. Taking photos of tattoos is also gaining popularity. Once upon a time people with tattoos were relegated to the “counterculture” category, and were far from the mainstream culture’s views of what is a normal behavior and a normal way to look. Well, times are changing. One of the hottest trends of 2016 is to take photos of people with tattoos that are spread all across their bodies, and they are called “body art”. This has now paradoxically getting into the mainstream. Chances are that if you ask your grandparents, they’ll tell you that the only people that are tattoos are junkies and crack addicts. But this isn’t the case at all – nowadays family people with 9 to 5 jobs have tattoos – and this is completely normal. This too is one of the hottest trends in photography for 2016.
  3. Black and white photos are making a comeback. Funny thing about trends is, the old stuff tends to get back into mainstream. People were jubilant and beyond themselves when they thought of a way to make full color photos, and thus they felt that they’ve surpass the old black and white style of photography. After all, it took a lot of research and time and effort in order to get to the miracle of full color photography. Well… black and white photos are back into game. Many people think that black and white photography captures the essence of the moment and distils the crucial components of the shot far better than full color photos, and furthermore, that the black and white aspect of the photo gives it a vintage, classic look.
  4. Horses are animals that captivate modern photographers. You must have realized that strength is nowadays in really high esteem among people. A lot of people start to really appreciate exercise and building strength. And what animal can best represent the attribute of strength, while still remaining full of grace, and in its own way beautiful? That’s right, it’s the horse, an ancient friend to man. Expect to see a lot of photos of horses in various poses in the coming time.

icelandic horse photo

There you go, these are the 4 hottest trends of this moment, as regarding to the field of photography. There are many others as well though, and if you wish to learn about them, we suggest you to do a bit of research on your own. These four are a staple in photography nowadays, and if you take photos and make pictures along the lines of these trends, then your photos will be really popular among people.