Current Photography Trends

What are the current photography trends?

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Even though photography is based on scientific principles, and a big part of it can be explained on the basis of science – there still is a huge part of this field that remains in the field of art. That’s right, you may work out the best camera angles using sophisticated mathematic formulas, or you may create the best image capturing device by using the latest technological advancement… but the fact of the matter is that the core of photography is artistic at its heart.

This is inherently liberating, because it means that even a person with no prior knowledge of the science behind photography, and without a modern top-level high quality camera at hand, can capture the beauty of life better than anyone else equipped with the best camera and college based knowledge of photography. And this coincidentally is the core reason why photography offers an ungraspable charm, something that cannot be truly explained by words alone.

This also means that there will be certain trends in the field of photography. You must know by now if you live anywhere in the western world, that the taste of fashion is ephemeral to say the least. This means that whatever style of clothing is popular today, may just as easily be considered as junk clothes tomorrow. Well, the same goes for photography. You may think that a trend that’s popular today in the field of photography will remain popular forever, but this isn’t the case.

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The hottest 2016 photography trends

  1. The flash is back in business. Many people felt that the camera flash that was used when there was no lightning in the place where the photo was about to be taken, was unnecessary and that it ruined the photos. So, there came up a trend that was fixated on natural lightning, and the flash was branded as a destroyer of photos. But there’s a complete turnaround in this trend nowadays – the flash is coming back online. Many people now feel that the flash light helps to capture the moment in its true glory, giving the chance to even the smallest details to come into full view – and that this is a good thing. So, you should be aware of the appearance of many new photos taken with the flash option of the camera.
  2. Taking photos of tattoos is also gaining popularity. Once upon a time people with tattoos were relegated to the “counterculture” category, and were far from the mainstream culture’s views of what is a normal behavior and a normal way to look. Well, times are changing. One of the hottest trends of 2016 is to take photos of people with tattoos that are spread all across their bodies, and they are called “body art”. This has now paradoxically getting into the mainstream. Chances are that if you ask your grandparents, they’ll tell you that the only people that are tattoos are junkies and crack addicts. But this isn’t the case at all – nowadays family people with 9 to 5 jobs have tattoos – and this is completely normal. This too is one of the hottest trends in photography for 2016.
  3. Black and white photos are making a comeback. Funny thing about trends is, the old stuff tends to get back into mainstream. People were jubilant and beyond themselves when they thought of a way to make full color photos, and thus they felt that they’ve surpass the old black and white style of photography. After all, it took a lot of research and time and effort in order to get to the miracle of full color photography. Well… black and white photos are back into game. Many people think that black and white photography captures the essence of the moment and distils the crucial components of the shot far better than full color photos, and furthermore, that the black and white aspect of the photo gives it a vintage, classic look.
  4. Horses are animals that captivate modern photographers. You must have realized that strength is nowadays in really high esteem among people. A lot of people start to really appreciate exercise and building strength. And what animal can best represent the attribute of strength, while still remaining full of grace, and in its own way beautiful? That’s right, it’s the horse, an ancient friend to man. Expect to see a lot of photos of horses in various poses in the coming time.

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There you go, these are the 4 hottest trends of this moment, as regarding to the field of photography. There are many others as well though, and if you wish to learn about them, we suggest you to do a bit of research on your own. These four are a staple in photography nowadays, and if you take photos and make pictures along the lines of these trends, then your photos will be really popular among people.